Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Forms, paperwork, documents, BUREAUCRACY!

Between the time I have been getting ready for work and my college classes, I have been wading deeply through paperwork.

So what has been going on lately?
  • Gustavo has started work on the kitchen/shower/laundry house located next to the guest house.
  • In a special meeting of the board of directors we have changed the articles of incorporation, adding a provision for the disbursement of assets on the dissolution (hopefully not for many years) of the company. 
  • Our State license to solicit donations should be awarded by September 15, however it is valid only in Maine.
  • We have started the paperwork for our federal tax exempt status, 501(c)(3), which I hope to submit by the end of September. This will allow us to apply for grants, to be able to offer tax exemption to our donors, and to apply for other forms of aid.
  • We are looking at online project management solutions. This should help us to share documents and collaborate more efficiently.
  • The Maine Women's Business Center at CEI is helping us with the business planning aspects of the project, and giving us overall great advice and contact info.
  • We are trying to organize an eco-tourism trip to the Leticia area and La Libertad for six people through my town's adult ed department. We would go in June if it's possible.
  • Five people have expressed interested in visiting La Libertad to volunteer this winter and spring, including people with business experience.  
  • More on these and other exciting news to come!