Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Amazon Pueblo at Oceanside High School West

The Amazon Pueblo project is working with Gretchen Jordan's Spanish 1 and 2 classes at the high school.  The students are studying the sustainability problems of the villagers of La Libertad.  They will then identify simple solutions to help with the problems and communicate these solutions in Spanish.  The students will be making brochures, booklets, computer presentations, web pages, or videos messages which will be brought to the villagers when we visit this July.  ¡Buena suerte chicos!

If you would like to see the lesson plans/directions for the whole project, please visit the website: http://www.amazonpueblo.org/student.htm

New logo for Amazon Pueblo!

The Amazon Pueblo project is pleased to announce our new logo! We have been working with Jessica and Rand from Simmons Ardell, a graphic design company in South Portland, Maine. They have donated their time and effort to help bring us our logo. We are already to order new business cards, brochures, and t-shirts.

For t-shirts we are working with Maine Printing & Embroidery, from Warren, Maine. We hope to have our first shipment of shirts in May. I will create a webpage on our project’s website where the t-shirts may be ordered. Check our site in late May to be one of the first to have our shirts!

Once again, thank you to Jessica and Rand of Simmons Ardell. I would also like to thank our board of directors, Mark, Julie, Pat and Adam for their help with the design.