Monday, February 19, 2024

Our email to the president of Colombia (and the governor, mayor, secretary of education, etc...)!

For people who may not have seen it, we have started a social media campaign to call attention to the deplorable state of the school in La Libertad.  As part of the campaign, we emailed various government members in the Amazon and Bogota.  Here is what we said:

Subject: Greetings from the community school of La Libertad, Amazonas, Colombia.  PLEASE HELP US!

The community school of La Libertad, Amazonas, Colombia.  It is more important that we improve the school rather than assign blame.

The first damage to the roof occurred on September 29, 2022.  It has not been repaired.

Greetings Mr. Petro,

My name is Benjamin Angulo.  I am a volunteer with the USA-based organization Amazon Pueblo.  Our mission is to help the students of La Libertad, Amazonas, Colombia, to improve their educational opportunities.  We have been working with the community since 2012.

Our Help

This year, we expect to provide at least 50 small scholarships to the students of La Libertad and associated families.  We are also slowly building a health care center in the community to assist the currently available health services of Leticia and the department in meeting the health needs of the students and their families.

Problems with the School

First, as a result of a lack of maintenance and storm damage, the roofs, ceilings, and wooden structures of the school in La Libertad are in deplorable conditions.  The main parts of the damage started from a storm that occurred on September 29th, 2022.  The damage has continued with subsequent wind storms.  This, combined with wood rot, has resulted in structures that are unsafe to use.  This safety concern extends to the teacher housing.  The walls, floors, and roof of the teacher housing are unsafe.

Provisional Solution

Second, the organization with which I volunteer is happy to loan the use of the health center as a provisional classroom.  While the structure is not finished, it does have an excellent roof, walls, and a door that may be secured.  At this time, the construction of the health center is suspended.  We expect the construction to resume in September 2024.

A Plan to Go Forward

Third, we (our organization, the students, parents, community members, and teachers) request that repairs be made as quickly as possible.  La Libertad is one of the most vulnerable communities in the Amazon.  We see education as one of the surest ways to improve the community and to help create competent people, workers, and community members.  A school in good repair sends a strong message that the students, teachers, and community are valued.  This helps to promote positive self-esteem and hope for the future.

Please contact me so we may find solutions to the problems of the school in La Libertad.  All the time we wait, the higher the probability that our students leave school to work in illicit activities in Peru.

Thank you for your time,

Ben Angulo

More photos of the school:

Adventure returns to the village: Visit us in the jungle!

Tourism is returning to the village of La Libertad!

Part of what helps us to do this is our internet connection.  That allows us to help connect, plan, and support.  We connected our guide in the village with our guest, translated, and helped to coordinate his visit.

Tourism in La Libertad has been very slow since the pandemic.

We thank Stefan, from Germany, for visiting us in the Amazon.  Please enjoy these pictures of his trip.

At the base of a giant ceiba tree.

Arriving at the shore of the village.  La Libertad is slightly more than a one-hour speed boat ride from the city of Leticia.

The view of the Amazon River from the village's port.

A photo of the new walkway in front of the volunteer and guesthouse.

Gustavo in the doorway of the guesthouse.

The inside of the guesthouse.  It is clean, comfortable, and mostly bug-free!

The mini-stairs were design to make it easy to access the upper bunks.

The start of a mini "caminta" or hike.

A plantain tree.

Cooking plantain and fish on an open fire.

Accompanied by delicious jungle fruit.

Mil gracias, Stefan!

Please stand by, more beautiful pictures of Stefan's trip are to follow in a future post!

To learn more about how to visit the village, please check out our website,