Sunday, February 17, 2013

Going Forward in 2013!

Trip to the Amazon June 25!  The date is set, tickets bought, planning being made.

Our Newest Volunteer

At this time I would like to announce our next volunteer in the pueblo, Sarah Blackman.  Sarah and I have been friends since we were trip leaders at Tanglewood 4-H Camp in Lincolnville, Maine.  Sarah will be teaching English and helping the villagers recognize and record their traditional music.  Sarah is a singer/songwriter from New York City.  Please visit her website to learn more and hear her incredible voice.  Thanks Sarah!

Revolver Underground interview with Sarah


It has been over a month since my last post.  I have been busy with college and exams.  Thankfully my two CLEP exams, in business marketing and business management, went well.  I am taking a course in computer networking (which will hopefully help me to troubleshoot and fix the village’s generator-powered computer systems and satellite internet link) and a technology integration course.

Amazon Pueblo at Oceanside High School West?

As part of my technology integration course I am working on a project with a local high school’s Spanish class to do a technology-driven project which helps Amazon Pueblo’s mission.  We are still working out the details.  If everything goes well I will post an update within the coming months.

My Emeralds Were Sold!

It was hard to box then up and ship them off, but I sold almost all of my emerald collection.  I hope the new owner enjoys them.  However, I am putting the proceeds to good use, Amazon Pueblo!  I have loaned money to Gustavo to buy an 11hp motor for his 7 meter boat.  This should allow him to do well this tourist season.  When he returns the money I hope to reinvest in other villager’s small business projects.

Gustavo in a small boat

Other News:

Pancake Fundraiser
We are looking at having our first fundraising event, a pancake breakfast, at Applebee’s Restaurant in Thomaston, Maine, in late May or June.

Biofuel for Business
Jen, a geography teacher in an international school in Prague, may be visiting La Libertad this summer.  I first spoke with Jen last year.  She wrote her dissertation on growing biofuel crops in Colombia as an alternative to illegal drug crops.  It would be great if she could lend us her expertise!

New Logo and T-Shirt
Simmons Ardell, Inc., of Portland, Maine, is designing our new logo and t-shirt.  There will be a post shortly to announce the new design.  We are excited and grateful to have their help!