Thursday, December 3, 2015

This winter is the time to visit the Amazon!

If you can come down to visit this winter, the time to plan is here! There are some good reasons to come now:
  1. For people in the northeast US, the price of a plane ticket from Boston to Bogota is the lowest I have seen it in years.  Today JetBlue sent me an email advertising the sale.  During the first week of February the price was $350 round trip.  There may be similar deals in other parts of the country.
  2. The US dollar vs the Colombian peso is the strongest it has been in the past 10 years.

 Your trip could also directly help the project:

  1. Visitors can bring down child-sized life vests that are unavailable in Leticia.  (We could have them shipped, or possibly made for us, but the cost would be high.)
  2. Visitor can also bring down donations of used baby and toddler clothing, which is in short supply in the village.
  3. We are running out of peanut butter.

Please contact me through this blog if you need help with planning.  Here is a link to Planning a Trip to the Amazon.

Former Volunteers

Here are some picture of our last two volunteers, Beatriz and Paloma, from Brazil.  They taught circus skills to the village children.  They also evaluated the village for bio-construction projects like:
  • mud ovens
  • sod roofing
  • composting toilets
Beatirz teaching juggling
Paloma climbing the Aerial Silk
Getting ready to teach the kids
A demonstration
Stephanie on the silk