Saturday, June 26, 2021

Return to the Jungle: Our Amazon quest continues

In late July we are returning to the Amazon.  During the pandemic our future was uncertain.  Now we are committed to going enthusiastically forward in our quest for education in the river communities!


We have added eight new scholarships for 2021, bringing our total to 35!  Thank you to all of our patrons for believing in the future of the village children.

Students of La Libertad getting ready for school.

Health Care Center

We have raised funds to start building a small health care center in La Libertad.  While we are short of the total funding we need for the center, we are off to a good start.  The building will be made of concrete and blocks.  This will provide a more permanent structure than the wooden construction that is usually used.

The health care center of Macedonia, five kilometers upriver
from La Libertad.  We would like to build ours in this style.


Other projects on the slate for this year include:

  • Installing a 600-watt solar power system
  • 24-hour refrigeration for food and medicine
  • Replace our small wooden boat with a slightly larger rot-resistant fiberglass boat
  • Restart our volunteer-led tutoring program
  • Increase our cultivation of cacao and fruit trees


And last, we have a NEW WEBSITE!  It is now fully encrypted with SSL security.  This site focuses directly on our mission.  It uses many pictures to visually describe what we are doing.  Thank you to our many volunteers who contributed the beautiful photos which were used in the creation of the site.

Thank you and please read our blog or Facebook page for the latest news!