Sunday, November 17, 2019

Scholarship Program and Autumn in the Amazon

Thank you very much to everyone who has supported our students in the Amazon!

This fall we gave out the final two scholarships of 2019.  Here are some pictures of our students in and around Leticia, and in Peru.

Shopping in our favorite store in Leticia, El Regalia.

Ben talking to one of our students on the outskirts of Leticia.

Elizabeth showing us her kitchen.

This year we had our largest number of scholarship recipients, 25.  We met with each one of the students individually, and also took them on group trips to do their school shopping.

Henry and his mother.  He was one of our new students for this year.

A meeting with one of our families.  They live next to a small lagoon.  It is a beautiful location.

While talking with the students and their families we learned much above their daily lives.  Our discussion included how they farm, village politics, health concerns, and their hopes and dreams for the future.  Life is not easy in the jungle.

Brayan on a trip to a yuca cultivation area.

Jesus, Freddy's son, joined us for our travels on this day.

Some of the village kids and scholarship students at the project's guesthouse.
We always bring kites and other toys to keep the kids active.

The school lunch line during in the village.

Nicolas is our student in Peru.  He is in his classroom.

Each student has their normal, dark blue pants and white shirt school uniform.  During physical education days, two per week, they dress in their sports uniforms, shown here.

Many times the parents of our scholarship students help us with our project's work.  Victor, the father of our student Nicolas, helped us to go to the city of Iquitos to buy fruit tree clones.  Without this help, we probably would not have been very successful at finding the trees.

Two of our students writing thank you notes to their sponsors.

Ben with Victor and his family by km18 outside of Leticia.

We hope to continue providing scholarships for the 25 students currently in the program during 2020.  If we can find donors, we also have five students on the waiting list.

If you would like to sponsor a student for the 2020 school year, it is $110.  Please visit the links below on Facebook (or on Chuffed as an alternative to Facebook) to help!

Friday, November 1, 2019

Buy a Colombian emerald and educate a student in the Amazon!

One way we raise money for our students is through the sale of emeralds.  Colombia is the source of the best emeralds in the world.  Our emeralds are from the Muzo mines, which have produced the finest emeralds found in Colombia.  (Scroll down to see the emeralds we sell. Please contact me at if you are interested in an emerald!)

The emerald region of Colombia.

I buy the emeralds in the emerald district of Bogota.

Shopping in downtown Bogota.

I test every emerald I buy to verify that it is real.  This is required to ensure that they are not artificial, synthetic, and are of a good to highly exceptional quality.

And now, the emeralds!

Medium studs, $50.

Small studs, $40.

Tiny studs, $30.

Cats, $40.

Natural emerald crystal formation, museum-quality, $400.

Large bracelet, $250.

Angled ring, size 7, $ 150.

Teardrop ring, size 7, $150.

Open-sided ring, size 7, $125.

Vibrant emerald leaf ring, size 8, $300.

Round side-layered ring, size 7, $80.

Rectangular drop earrings, $100

Open-sided, angled emerald ring, size 7, $75.

Larger emerald pendant, $100.

Emerald drop earring and pendant set, $150.

Small bracelet with 5 brilliant emeralds, $150.

Large rectangular drop earrings, $100.

Elegant earrings with very small,
fine emeralds with great color and brilliance, $100.

Inlay ring, $150. SOLD

Teardrop earrings, $150. SOLD

Small curved emerald ring, $60. SOLD

Drop curved ring, $80.  SOLD

Leaf pendant, $300.  SOLD

Pair of emerald leaf earrings, exceptional color and clarity, $400 SOLD

Brilliant, beautiful 1/3 ct.emerald of exceptional color.  18k gold, 3 small diamonds.
Size 8 1/2.
  $750 SOLD

I am with Abelardo, one of the emerald sellers on Calle 13, by the Gold Museum in Bogota.