Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year from Amazon Pueblo!

Thank you to everyone who helped support the project during the last year.  Our hope for 2013 is to continue our efforts of innovation and collaboration.

Some of the highlights of 2012:
  • 7 people volunteered in the village
  • Completed two buildings; a 6 person guest house and a kitchen/laundry/shower house
  • Installed a solar panel and small electrical system
  • Installed two 18,000 liter water filters
  • Incorporated as a non-profit business in Maine
  • Formed a board of directors
  • Gave 5 community presentation in the mid-coast Maine area
  • A 95 page website with over 2,000 hits; a blog site with 49 posts (averaging 150 pages read/month); Facebook and Twitter accounts

A few of the things on the agenda for 2013:
  • Revise our logo and design/print an Amazon Pueblo t-shirt
  • Finalize our plans for a village bank/finance system
  • Contact other organizations doing similar work in Colombia
  • Double the number of volunteers in the village
  • Further develop the website, blog, and use social media more effectively
  • Hold our first fund-raising effort
  • Double our number of community presentations

Our next post will be a guide for getting ready for a trip to the Amazon.  Stay tuned!

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