Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fundraiser a success!

Our Fundraiser at Billy's Tavern Raised Over $2,900

Thank you to all the people who attended, the band Primo Cubano, our business sponsors Brooks Trap Mill, Billy's Tavern, and Strout Payson, P.A.

Primo Cubano
Primo Cubano rocked the house!  At times there was standing room only at the tavern.  We had periodic raffle drawings for prizes ranging from Colombian emeralds, exclusive Colombian coffee, handmade Amazonian jewelry, to piranha skull necklaces and Amazonian blowguns!

Suggested donations accepted
A big thanks to the Brooks girls for covering the door during the first hours of the event and to Nohora for the later hour.  A thanks also goes out to Mark for supervising the blowgun trials and to Pat for busing the tables!

auction and sales table
Julie and Dana did an excellent job of selling raffle tickets, t-shirts, and answering questions about the silent auction and overall project goals.

mom n friends
My mother, sporting a fashionable Amazon Pueblo t-shirt (available for sale on our website) and her friends enjoying the festivities!

two happy patrons
These lovely women are enjoying Mojito cocktails.  This drink and the Cuba Libre were the specialty drinks of the night.  $1 of the cost of each drink was donated to the project!

raffle winner 
Congratulations to Beverly Pacheco, the winner of four cut emeralds valued at $1,500!  She was very happy.  Please come to our next fundraiser for a chance to win your own Colombian emerald!

My next post will be from Bogota, Colombia.  Tomorrow I start my journey back to the Amazon village of La Libertad!

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