Saturday, June 28, 2014

Fun at the Fundraiser: Onward to our goal!

I picked up Sarah J (our guest performer, board member, and volunteer) in Portland at 1 pm on the event day. This time, NO SNOW! Our last fundraiser coincided with 6 inches of falling slushy mess.

We drove back to my house in Rockland and got ready for the event. My friends and project volunteers or directors Dianne, Lisa, Sarah B, Mark and Julie (and random helpful bystanders) also helped to get things organized, moved over, and maintained throughout the night. Sarah J’s family, all 8 of them, also arrived to lend a helping hand!

At a little after 5 pm we arrived at Water Dog tavern, in Thomaston, and started setting up. Everyone at the tavern was friendly and helped us get things moving.

We had a little problem with the positioning of the display tables, but between the efforts of Dianne, Lisa, and I they came out well.

Vicki, the owner of Water Dog, even found us some cachaça, an alcohol popular in the Amazon. They served the cachaça in a drink called a caipirinha. Water Dog donated $1 of each caipirinha to the project. Thanks Vicki!

People slowly started coming in. The weather was cooperating, warm but not hot. I mostly answer questions until Sarah started playing at 7:30. Sales started out slowly but then picked up.

Sarah played until about 10 pm. The tavern was filled to capacity and over the course of the evening we had well over a 100 guests. In all we raised $1,700 at the event. We had pre-event sales and donations of $400, for a combined amount of $2,100! This is short of our $3,000 goal, but we are well on the way. We hope to do at least one flea market or craft fair this summer, and maybe one last event before I leave for Colombia in September. The monkey graph is almost there.  Thank you to all who assisted with or attended the event and helped to make it a success!

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