Thursday, July 31, 2014

$300 Raised at Searsport Craft Fair!

The day was sunny, warm, with a light breeze.  After a one hour drive I arrived at the site in Searsport, Maine.  It overlooked the ocean.  As I steered my car to the side of the road I was greeted by the warm smile of Lisa, the organizer of the craft fair and also a board member of Amazon Pueblo.  Needless to say, we had a prime spot for our booth!

We were later joined by Dianne, also a board member, who helped us to complete our setup.

The fair started out slowly.  During the first hour we only had about 10 visitors to our booth.  Not many people had arrived at the fair.  But this did give us some time to look at the auto show, happening at the same time.  The profits from the renting of booth space and the auto show went to support the Searsport Fire Department, a worthy cause.

During the second hour we started having more visitors.  We sold some bracelets and blood wood key chains.

 Just before 12 noon we made our two large sales.  The first was an elegant emerald and silver ring, and the second a beautifully brilliant, loose, 0.38 carat oval emerald.  This loose gem was one of my favorite pieces.  The woman who bought it agreed to pose with her new stone.

The project still has some jewelry and loose emeralds left, but they are slowly and steadily going!
Overall the day was a success.  Just being at the fair allowed us to tell many people about the project.  With luck, one of the people we spoke with may one day visit us in the Amazon!

Now the monkey graph is a little bit more colored-in.  Just $600 to reach our fundraising goal for this summer.

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