Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Summer Cookout, Raffle, and the Amazon in Cushing, Maine

Thank you to our director, Mark Brooks, and his family for inviting the Amazon Pueblo project to his summer cookout party last Saturday.  We set up a small informational booth, showed passers-by the village handcrafts, pictures from the village, gave information, made and passed out caiparina drinks, and had Mark's Amazonian blowgun available for target practice.  Towards the end of the event a gift basket was raffled for products from Colombia, Brazil, and the Amazon.

Our display

George manning the grill

Mark with a bottle of Agua Loca, a fine cachasa

The photo book from the village along with our caiparina drink station
Chickens, strangely similar to the ones found in the Amazon!

Which came first, the chicken or the egg roll?

The lucky winner of our gift basket!  The basket comes with the piranha (not Claire).
Thank you to everyone who stopped by and gave support.  Stay tuned for our next event.  Possibly Sarah J will be in concert this September or October in the Mid-Coast!

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