Thursday, September 11, 2014

Amazon Pueblo presentation at the Maine Center for Disease Control

On the positive side from my bout of Dengue Fever was the opportunity it gave me to speak with the Maine CDC!

When hospitals diagnose certain infectious diseases they notify the CDC in their state.  I had the honor of being one of the only cases of Dengue ever reported by a Maine resident in Maine.  Two weeks after I visited Togus hospital in Augusta, I was called by Megan Kelley.  Megan is an epidemiologist who works in Augusta and the Rockland branch of the CDC.

Rockland branch of the CDC    
As a former UROCK student, I have passed this sign 100 times.  However, I never really read and thought about the CDC being in this building.

Megan Kelley


Headquarters of the Maine CDC, Augusta

I spoke at the headquarters of the CDC in Augusta.  They were having a symposium on this day and asked me to talk about the project.  After being stuck behind buses on the ride from Rockland to Augusta, and setting up during a fire drill, I gave a short PowerPoint presentation to the attendees.

Below is a link to my presentation.  It is on the online service SlideShare (a spin-off from LinkedIn). 

Please click on the image to see the show!

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