Friday, June 19, 2015

Emerald fish scuptulre for sale for the Amazon!

Fish for sale!

I found this fish carving the last time I was in the emerald district in Bogotá. While negotiating the price, I had a hard time pretending that I was not really interested in buying it! I think it is a beautiful sculpture. I have it in my kitchen where I enjoy it every day. It is a good size and weight, not too big or too small. Much fine detail has gone into the carving, and its body seems to be in mid-swim in the water. It is very dynamic in its presentation.

The material is emerald in emerald-bearing matrix. It is from the Muzo mines in Boyaca, Colombia. The eyes are two opaque, cut emerald gems.

I am coming back from Colombia to the USA on June 28. Therefore, I will not be able to ship it until that time.

I am selling this to support my volunteer work with the project.

If interested, please check out my Ebay listing:

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