Thursday, July 30, 2015

Craft Fair Fundraisers for the Village

Summer Sales!
We attended two craft fairs over the past two Saturdays.  Many handcrafts made by the villagers, emeralds, fossils, and piranha were on sale at our tables.

Lisa, Maryann, and Dianne setting up at South Bristol

The first fair was in South Bristol, Maine, USA.   It was held along with the town's 100 year anniversary celebration.  The morning was a bit cold and rainy, but we still had a good crowd of people visit us.  We passed out many brochures, told people about our project, and made some good contacts.

Fossils and t-shirts

The ammonite fossil and piranha were among the favorites of passersby, both young and old.

Yes, we can accept credit cards!

My uncle Chuck looking at the palo sangre (bloodwood) animal key chains.
Sarah J's photo album from her volunteer experience in the jungle.
The second event was at a combined craft fair and auto show held to benefit the Searsport, Maine, USA fire department.  One of our directors, Lisa, is also a volunteer at the fire station.

Dianne and Andrew manning the tables.
Calculating the prices of emeralds.

We had over $100 in sales, mostly handcrafts.  Thank you to Ben, Dianne, Lisa, Maryann, and Andrew for helping at the events!

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