Friday, June 10, 2016

Emeralds and Handcrafts at the Colombian Dinner Fundraiser

Join us on June 11, 2016 at 4 pm for a Colombian Dinner in Long Beach, California!

We need to raise $6,000!  Are you unable to attend but willing to support the project with a purchase or donation?  Please click here: HOW TO HELP.

Theses emeralds are from the emerald district in Bogota, Colombia.  There were all tested for authenticity by using an emerald filter.  The filter detects the presence of chromium, which is found in natural Colombian emeralds.  If there is no chromium, the chances are it is not a real emerald.  Please see our EMERALD POST for more information.

First, the emeralds.  Then the handcrafts!

And now the handcrafts:

Piranha from the Amazon

Seed-bead handbag.  This is wearable art.  Each seed must be strung with
one hour of taking it out of the pod.  About 24 hours of labor goes into
each bag.

Iridescent earrings

Bloodwood carvings

An Amazonian blowgun

Natural fiber cell phone cases

All handcrafts are made with natural materials and dyes
found in and around the jungle village

More bloodwood handcrafts

Balsa wood masks

These masks are the newest handcraft design made
in the Colombian Amazon

The mask is made from fish scales of one of the largest
fresh water fish in the word, the pirarucu.

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