Sunday, December 24, 2017

Year End Emerald Sale for Amazonian Students

The year is coming to an end and we are having an emerald sale to support indigenous students of the Amazon!

Please take 10% off of the marked price.  I am returning to Colombia on Saturday, December 30, so all sales must be finalized by Friday the 29th, 2017.  All work is done in high-quality Colombian silver.  I bought most of these emeralds during my last trip to the emerald district in Bogota, Colombia.  Colombian emeralds are the finest in the world.

$130, very small emeralds, but they have a spectacular color and brilliance

$50, small, light-colored emeralds

$150 A small bracelet with 5 small emeralds of superior color and brilliance

$180 Necklace earring set with large, light colored opaque emeralds

$160, necklace earring set with 3 small matched superior colored and brilliant emeralds 

$130, six small light colored emeralds in a crossed setting,
Size 6

$130, 2 matched superior colored brilliant emeralds,
Size 6

$100, light colored brilliant emerald,
Size 7

$90, small, spectacular colored emerald,
size 8

$180, excellent colored and brilliant emerald,
Size 7

$900, medium-sized, good colored, custom designed set.  The pitured does not show the quality of this piece (I must learn to do close-up photography!)

$600, the ring that we had made with the earrings and pendant.
Size 8 

Are you interested in buying one (or more) of  our emeralds?  Send me a message!

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