Saturday, January 19, 2019

Christmas Dinner 2018

We hosted Christmas dinner (two days late) for over 300 people in the village of La Libertad!

This is the fourth year Amazon Pueblo has hosted a Chrismas Dinner for the youth of La Libertad.  In previous years it was only for the youth, but for this year we had enough donations to invite the whole village.  Thank you to all of our donors, and to the Google One Today program, for making this possible.

In the check-out at Hiper.

We bought the majority of the food at Hiper, a grocery store in Leticia.  Gustavo's son Hector and his friend helped to get everything.  We had over 100 pounds of rice, 60 pounds of chicken, and 30 pounds of Brazilian hot dogs.  In addition, we bought oil, fresh vegetables, canned vegetables, spices, drinks, and hard candy for dessert.  The villagers supplied farina (roasted cassava), plantain, and all the work to cook arroz con pollo!

We are arriving at the village.  When the water level is high (now) we are able
to get the boat closer to Gustavo's house.

Gustavo and friends cooking the meal.

A big thanks to Elico, Anderson, and Gustavo for doing the majority of the cooking.

It was a rainy day.  This is the rainy season in the Amazon.
People take shelter from the rain while enjoying the feast!

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