Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Internet for the Students of the Village!

Internet for the Village

We provide Starlink Internet for the villagers of La Libertad. Being a very remote location, people often need a cell phone signal.  The strength is insufficient for cell data, even if they can make voice calls.  By connecting to the internet, they can use phone communication apps to talk with family, friends, work, and school!

This is the satellite antenna we use to connect to Starlink.  We have a mobile Starlink connection, not a residential one (considerably faster but yet to be available).  Our speeds range from 20Mb to 200Mb.

The internet system is powered by two 550-watt solar panels, a voltage regulator, a power inverter, and a 100 amp-hour lithium battery pack.  When the village's generator is operating, we connect to its grid.

Our older students who take classes in a different village often use the internet to do their homework, pass it in, or message their teachers.

We also use the internet to help our younger students find educational apps to help them learn to read, do math, and other things.

After school and homework, the kids may play a game, listen to music, or watch funny videos!

We also have one laptop computer, which we leave out for the students who need to do larger school work projects.  Below is a video of one of our students describing how she uses the internet.

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