Monday, February 19, 2024

Adventure returns to the village: Visit us in the jungle!

Tourism is returning to the village of La Libertad!

Part of what helps us to do this is our internet connection.  That allows us to help connect, plan, and support.  We connected our guide in the village with our guest, translated, and helped to coordinate his visit.

Tourism in La Libertad has been very slow since the pandemic.

We thank Stefan, from Germany, for visiting us in the Amazon.  Please enjoy these pictures of his trip.

At the base of a giant ceiba tree.

Arriving at the shore of the village.  La Libertad is slightly more than a one-hour speed boat ride from the city of Leticia.

The view of the Amazon River from the village's port.

A photo of the new walkway in front of the volunteer and guesthouse.

Gustavo in the doorway of the guesthouse.

The inside of the guesthouse.  It is clean, comfortable, and mostly bug-free!

The mini-stairs were design to make it easy to access the upper bunks.

The start of a mini "caminta" or hike.

A plantain tree.

Cooking plantain and fish on an open fire.

Accompanied by delicious jungle fruit.

Mil gracias, Stefan!

Please stand by, more beautiful pictures of Stefan's trip are to follow in a future post!

To learn more about how to visit the village, please check out our website, 

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