Monday, April 2, 2012

Howard and Sarah's Report, IN FULL!!

Here it is, all 26 pages!  Howard is still working on section 3, the Project Handbook.  A great analysis on the current state of the project, where we may want to go, and volunteer guides.  Of special interest is the table that prioritizes the needs of the village, including a cost/urgency comparison.

  Click on the image to view the report.
From this report the project must make decisions on where to focus and what is most urgently needed, given available resources, with access to clean water being a top priority. 

Section 1.      Introduction
Section 2.      Summary Observations and Recommendations 
A summary of our experiences in La Libertad, and thoughts for the Amazon Pueblo organisation going forward
Section 3.      Project Handbook
Feedback on potential Amazon Pueblo projects, setting out the issues, assessment of possible solutions, and suggested next steps
Section 4.      English Teaching Resource Pack
Resources to aid future volunteers teach English in the pueblo
Section 5.      Updated Volunteer Handbook
General resource pack for volunteers considering visiting the pueblo

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