Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Friends of the Rockland Public Library DONATION!

A big thank you to the Friends of the Rockland Public Library and Steve for their donation following the presentation.  This is greatly appreciated by the project, volunteers, and the people of the village of La Libertad!

In other news Howard and Sarah have submitted the first parts their report, which gives us an excellent look at the current state of affairs.  The report will greatly help the project to chart it course in the coming year.  I hope to post it next week.

And speaking of next week, Daniel and Diane, our next two volunteers, will be staying in the pueblo for about a month, starting on April 7.  Daniel is a nurse and Diane an English teacher.  They are from Spain and the UK and have been traveling recently within Colombia.  They will be assessing the health needs in the village in more detail and continuing with the English teaching program.  We wish them luck!

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