Monday, May 7, 2012

Amazon Pueblo presentation May 14 & 15!

My second and third presentations are happening next week.  The first, on Monday, will be at South Bristol Elementary School.  Grades K-4 will be listening and questioning in the first group, and grades 5-8 in the second group.  This is the first time I will be presenting to a younger audience, so it could be interesting!  I believe I will have to explain a lot of basics about the project in an interesting and active way.

The next night, at 6:30, I will be presenting at the Camden Public Library.  Since my presentation in April at the Rockland Public Library much has happened with the project.  I now have I better idea of the model we are following, volunteer based service, and also where we would like to go.  Additionally the website revisions are almost finished.  If you haven't seen the site in a while, check it out (!

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