Thursday, May 17, 2012

Presentations, Daniel and Diane, Clean Cookstoves

Much has been happening lately. 


The presentations where a success!  Last Monday about 60 elementary and middle school students at the South Bristol School in Maine enjoyed learning about the village.  They asked many excellent questions ranging from what food do the villagers eat to if I have ever been bitten by a piranha.  The younger kids especially liked the pictures of the pets and other animals, to which they responded to with many “oos” and “ahs”.
The following day 16 people (ranging in age from 13 to 80) listened to the presentation at the Camden Public Library.  Many good questions were asked and suggestions given.  I am planning three more area library presentations in Belfast, Union, and hopefully Thomaston during the coming month.

Daniel and Diane

Daniel and Diane have returned home to Spain after spending a month in La Libertad.  I am waiting impatiently for their report and pictures, which I expect to be spectacular.  More on this soon.

Alliance for Clean Cookstoves

Unfortunately the Alliance did not have the opportunity to visit the village.  However, I did have a very nice long talk with Sjors and Samantha, who were in Bogota exploring options for expanding their organization’s presence in Colombia.  They had visited other locations closer to the capitol, meet with industry leaders and conservation groups in order to get a better idea of how food is being cooked now, the health and economics concerns, and possible design and production strategies that may work in Colombia.  They are mentioning the Amazon Pueblo project in their report, as well as giving us other connections that should help us in the completion of our mission.

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