Monday, June 11, 2012

Complete Health Report and a Way Forward

While I haven't blogged in over a week, I have been doing a lot of things "behind the scenes", some of which are below.

Complete Health Report

Daniel and Diane have submitted their complete health report.  They have done an incredible amount of work for the village, for which I am deeply grateful.

Some of contents:

  • After living with the residents of La Libertad for one month and after visiting and treating approximately 80 people, I can say that the situation in terms of health care is very serious.  I will explain why I have come to this conclusion:
  • He had a fever (42 degrees at highest), severe diarrhea and respiratory problems. He was severely ill for four days due to the causes mentioned above and hygiene etc. 
  • During the first week we detected that the culture and knowledge about natural medicines was extremely poor (we assumed that there would be more use of these).
  • We understand that this treatment can sometimes can be too expensive for a lot of the families (there are however some natural medicines to treat this). In the second week of our stay the community received a donation of remedies for this from tourist cruise liner.
    After receiving this donation we believed it would not be enough to treat the entire community. But there is nothing farther from the truth.
To learn more, please read their full report, La Libertad Health, May 2012.

Amazon Pueblo: A Way Forward

After having read Daniel and Diane’s most recent report and combing this with what I have learned from Howard and Sarah’s, and Sara J.’s, report, I believe that the time has come to look at what is needed to move forward and to start revising the three phase plan, as well as to look at the mission of the project and how to best work towards its completion.

Additionally, as I will be arriving on July 8 in La Libertad, I would like to have a good idea of what planning I need to complete before going, have an effective strategy planned for my arrival, and be able to lay out and explain what the project has to offer to the mayor and people of La Libertad.

The Direction
Many people have commented...

Water Quality
The solutions...

From my experiences and the reports of volunteers...

However, some strengths of La Libertad...

Revising the 3 Phase Plan
Tasks to consider... 

To read it all...

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