Sunday, June 24, 2012

Thomaston presentation this Friday, and a new partnership?

Thomaston Public Library
Mark the date!  This Friday I am giving a presentation in my hometown of Thomaston, Maine.  It will be at the Thomaston Public Library at 6:30pm.  I will be showing slides from the Amazon that illustrate the difficulties and beauties that they live with, possible solutions to the problems that they have, and the choices of the direction in which Amazon Pueblo project may go.   Includes a display of native handcrafts and blowguns.  SPREAD THE WORD!  Please pass it along on Facebook, email, or by the old-fashioned telephone.

A new partnership for Amazon Pueblo?
I had a nice meeting with Simon and Sabrina from the organization Aguayuda last Tuesday. They are a small, dedicated project with much energy and enthusiasm. We are discussing the possibility of them helping us with the project.
I believe it would be good for Amazon Pueblo to work with Aguayuda. Their organization is six years old. They have have an established network and much experience providing what our project needs. They already help 13 villages in northern Colombia, and are also a registered foundation in Colombia.
More on this in the coming weeks!

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