Saturday, July 7, 2012

In Leticia today!

This week I have been very busy in Bogota trying to get ready for my visit to La Libertad.  I have succeeded in doing almost all of what I wanted.  Highlights include buying 2 LifeStraw  Family filters, each capable of filtering 18,000 liters of water for up to three years of use.  What is especially great about these is that they are gravity fed, filter bacteria AND viruses.

I have also managed to connect my laptop to a USB modem and to connect this to the cell phone data network in Leticia.  In fact this post is being made over that connection.  It is surprisingly fast, but I do have 5 out of 5 bars for a signal.  Tomorrow I will be able to test the connection in La Libertad.  However I do not expect much, as at times I am lucky to have 1 bar of signal strength.  Later in the week I hope to have a cell phone and data signal amplifier set up in the village.

Leticia is surprisingly cool for a change.  It was only in the 80's today.  While here I had a chance to speak with Felipe, the owner of a major tour company here in Leticia.  He had many good insights about the project which helped clarify the direction I am going to take.  One thigh he mentioned was the lack of care that most of the villagers had for improving their condition, including sanitation and water quality.  He also mentioned the jealousy that other villagers may have for Gustavo, one of the main proponents of the project in La Libertad.  These are just two of the areas I must explore further.

Tomorrow we will go shopping and pick up supplies for the week.  If things go well we will be back next weekend to pick up more supplies and equipment.  If things do not go well in the village we may go back to Bogota instead.  Keep your fingers crossed!

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