Friday, November 9, 2012

La Libertad Welcomes Elizabeth!

Our newest volunteer, Elizabeth Hylton, arrived in La Libertad yesterday.  She is from southern California.  Elizabeth studied geography with an emphasis in Natural Resources and Environmental Protection at San Diego State University.

After a long trip and airport delays, Elizabeth arrived and settled in yesterday. Today she is starting her volunteer work by meeting and discussing the Amazon Pueblo project with the village chief.  She plans to be in the village for one week.

So what will she be doing?  I know it’s ambitious but here is an abbreviated list:

  • FIRST Update the villagers on the status and mission of the project (public relations work)
  • SECOND Assist with finishing the kitchen/laundry/shower house

  • THIRD Create a rough map of the surrounding watershed
  • FOURTH Develop water use/conservation recommendations that would tie into development
  • FIFTH Teach basic informal English classes/lessons
  • SIXTH Check on the status of the solar panel and electrical connections
  • SEVENTH Check on the status/functionality of the 2 LifeStraw Family filters
  • EIGHTH Help with the small business planning
We all wish Elizabeth well and look forward to her updates and pictures!

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