Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Fundraising: A Dock for La Libertad

We are on a mission to build a dock!

For the past three years I have been struggling to climb the river bank at La Libertad, falling multiple times.  The villagers started building a dock two years ago, but ran out of funds.  As the project moves along in its efforts to bring sustainability to the village, the time is upon us to build the dock!
The Current Shorefront (no dock)
Why, exactly, is it so necessary?  What are some of a dock's benefits?
  1. Improved and safer access for villagers and tourist to the village
  2. Greater security for boats
  3. A place to sell gasoline, food, and other store items
  4. A great public relations project between the village and the Amazon Pueblo project
2 examples of docks

At our recent fundraiser we gained $900 towards the dock.  (We had bad weather -a snow storm- and as a result less than 50 people at the event!) After the fundraiser we received another $200.  That leaves us only $900 away.  We have until February 24 to raise the funds.  At that time we are going back to the village to build as much as we can!
Another dock example

On the Amazon River bank


Our Monkey Graph!  I will fill it in as we approach and meet our goal.

If, by the generosity of our donors, we exceed the $2,000 goal, all money will be put to our water project.  For every $500 we raise we can provide a 2000 liter clean water storage tank for 15 people!

Please click above to go to our donations page.  Thanks!  Gracias!

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