Thursday, March 30, 2017

Spring 2017: A quick update

We have been very buys with the project this spring!

We have:
  • Made repairs to the guesthouse, kitchen, and bathroom
  • Constructed a concrete platform for our 1000 liter water tank
  • Designed and built a yuca press
  • Constructed a compost bin and community garden
  • Registered the Association of Farmers, Fishers, and Artisans and FundaciĆ³n Amazon Pueblo in Leticia
  • Made the banner for the 20 year anniversary of the village
  • Started work on the new project guesthouse and classroom
  • Bought a 12-meter (39 foot) wooden cargo boat with a 15hp outboard motor for use by the project, Association, and of scheduled community trips to Leticia.
  • Initiated the arrival of the SENA Colombian technical training institute to teach a 300-hour course on agricultural production and business to the villagers. We expect this class to start in May.
Jainover with a visitor.  Big lizards seldom come into the village,  but this one wanted to see the construction!
Pacho repairing the platform
Eli and Ben are building a compost bin

Humberto and Ben are building the community garden
The second prototype for the yuca press

We made the sign for the 20th anniversary of the village (it is 3.5 m by 1 meter in size)

Next week I will be going to Bogota to start work on our new project website and to meet with people about helping with the village. I will be posting more updates soon!

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