Sunday, May 27, 2018

Mojojoy: Big edible grubs (live, fried, or roasted) of the Colombian Amazon

The boys in the video at the bottom of this post were showing me how they eat raw, live mojojoy grubs.  These grubs are common in the Colombian Amazon.  They are from the scarab beetle family.  The grubs (gusanos in Spanish) attack different varieties of palm trees.  They will kill the tree if it is not treated.

A palm tree infected with mojojoy

The kids picked them out of a palm tree next to the area where we were working.  Then they started to eat them!

This is one type of mojojoy, but there other types that are fatter and juicier!
They can be safely eaten raw, but in the city of Leticia they are usually roasted or fried, in the form of a skewer accompanied by vegetables or plantains.  They are sometimes filled with beef, chicken or fish.


The mojojoy beetle

Two boys showing us how to eat the mojojoy raw!

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