Saturday, May 26, 2018

Send Jhon Carlos to the museum!

Our first mini-fundraiser of 2018

Jhon Carlos is very intelligent, but he has seen little outside of his village. He has much potential. With our help, he can experience more of the world and start a change in his community.

A little bit of context

The Amazon Pueblo project supports the education of the indigenous youth of the Colombia Amazon. Jhon Carlos is 10 years old. He is one of the students that we support. His teachers identify him as one of the brightest students in the school. He works hard, is friendly, and always cheerful.

But there’s a problem

Jhon sees how difficult it is for adults, even after they have graduated from school, to find work. He questions the value of his education and the time he spends at it. He has lived in his village of 300 people for his entire life, leaving his isolated jungle community less than 20 times. Most of his experiences with adult life involves alcohol abuse and poverty. He has not seen the outside world and the opportunities that it presents.

Jhon Carlos has six siblings all under 13 years old living in his house. His father earns less than $2 USD per day. They farm and fish for their food. Without help, he will never be able to travel outside of his village as a boy or youth.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We are going to bring Jhon Carlos and his father (also a very friendly person and an extremely hard worker) to the capital city of Colombia, Bogota. While there, we will visit the museum Maloka. Maloka is one of the best science and technology museums in the country, if not in all of South America.

We want Jhon to experience the city and what the world has to offer and to be able to see the possibilities beyond his village. We want him to have a reason to study and to excel.

When he returns to the village we want him to share his experiences. We hope he will avoid the custom of alcohol abuse and strive to develop sustainable business in the community. He, and the other students that we sponsor, are the future of the village of La Libertad.

You can join us

We need $500 to make this happen.

For every $250 above what we need, we can bring another one of our students to the museum.

And here’s an amazing perk for supporting us that you can’t live without

Anyone who donates $50 or more will receive a handwritten thank-you note (I will try to snail-mail it, but at the least, it will be scanned and emailed) from Jhon Carlos. The note will include a drawing of something that he liked from the museum.

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