Friday, November 25, 2022

Fall 2022, Amazon Pueblo News from the Jungle: Building, scholarships, solar power, and more!


Our mission is to support the education of indigenous youth in the Colombian Amazon.  We believe that through education they will become self-sufficient in sustainable employment/business.  The three ways that we help to support their education are:

  1. Direct educational support (scholarship program, assisting the local schools)
  2. Health support (building a community health center, helping students to attain medical care)
  3. Community support (assistance with transportation, agriculture, and infrastructure)

This is the news covering some of what we did in 2022!

School shopping in the city of Leticia.

The almost-complete roof on top of the concrete slab and columns.

The Quest to Build the Health Care Center: A story of concrete and metal in pictures
After years of fundraising and planning, we have finally started building the center.  From April to June of 2022 we bought materials, transported them, and found skilled workers to do the construction.  We have completed the first phase.  During 2023 we hope to complete the second phase, putting up...  READ MORE

This damage was caused by a powerful rain and wind storm.
Roof, rot, rats! The shocking state of the school buildings in La Libertad
This picture shows the deplorable state of the school buildings in the village of La Libertad.  The community school is in need of one more teacher.  No new teachers want to come here, and for... READ MORE

The trip back from buying school supplies in Leticia.
Going Upriver on the Amazon
Sometimes the journey is more fun than arriving at the destination!  We spend a lot of time on the river.  Going upstream can take up to twice as long as going downstream.  If we are in a large boat with a small motor, the trip can... READ MORE

Five of our scholarship students waiting to go to Macedonia.
Mayhem in Macedonia: The fight to save a school. A story in pictures.
In 2019, eight months before the pandemic, work began on a new "megacolegio" mega-school, in the village of Macedonia.  Then we started to hear of problems... READ MORE

Romario building the ladder to access the panels.
Solar Power Lights up the Village
Solar power is in La Libertad.  The solar panels' prices are half what they were when we started the project in 2012.  Accompanying the drop in prices has been an increase in efficiency.  What does that mean?  We're going solar!

We bought our solar panels and lithium-ion battery from Cristian at Emergy Sun in Leticia.  They helped us with installation tips and some technical support.  This is Energy Sun's fourth year in Leticia.  They have done projects... READ MORE

The project's director with our on-site director and two volunteers.
Daily Life Around the Village of La Libertad
We thought it would be nice to show some of the less intense day-by-day happenings in the village.  Here are photos of life and things around the project's buildings in the village.  At the end of the post to which this links, we have a video of the only working bike in La Libertad!  READ MORE

A scholarship student with a letter to his sponsors.
Education can save a life: School or coca fields and murder rates
While our reasons include education enabling the students to have improved work opportunities, more sustainable living conditions, and resistance to corruption, one of the largest parts is to give them the option to stay out of the illicit narcotics industry.  READ MORE

Lost in thought over a hamburger in Leticia.
Daily life around Leticia, Amazonas, Colombia
Here are a few pictures from daily life around Leticia, the capital of the State of Amazonas, in Colombia.  It is located at the frontiers of Colombia, Brazil, and Peru.  READ MORE

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