Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Roof, rot, rats! The shocking state of the school buildings in La Libertad

Roof, rot, rats!  These pictures show the deplorable state of the school buildings in the village of La Libertad.  The community school is in need of one more teacher.  No new teachers want to come here, and for good reason.

The village school of La Libertad is located in the Colombian Amazon, South America.  It serves 90 children aged 5 to 13.  The families of the school children live in extreme poverty.  Many of them earn less than two dollars per day, have high illiteracy rates, and have no steady employment.  School and education are the best hopes for the village children to have better opportunities for sustainable employment.

The school is in a deplorable state of repair.  For many years the buildings have not been properly maintained.  The students and parents are not able to advocate for the school and themselves.  The teachers fear if they bring up the problems they will be seen as "troublemakers" and face repercussions.

During the pandemic, the problems became worse.  The ceilings of the classroom are falling in, boards are rotting, the roofs leak and the teacher housing has holes in the floor with rats running freely.

For the past six months, the school has been short of one teacher.  No new teachers want to teach in La Libertad, given the terrible condition of the school and support buildings.

We are raising money to fix the school.  We will repair the ceilings in the classrooms, change the roofs, replace the rotten boards in the teacher housing, and paint where needed.

We seek donations to help fund our work in the community.  In all, it is estimated that we need a minimum of $2,000 to do the majority of the school repairs.  The link for donation is found below.

One of our scholarship students presenting "Stone Soup"
during the Mother's Day celebration, in 2022.

We use the company Chuffed to accept donations.  Thank you for reading!

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