Monday, March 12, 2012

Howard and Sarah Back from the Jungle!

Howard and Sarah Back from the Jungle

From Howard:

“Hi Ben
Just to let you know we are back in Leticia! The second week went well, in much the same vein as the first. We are writing up our report with our thoughts/recommendations to send over to you.
I´ll also send through some photos when I get a chance- definitely in time for your presentation next Thursday.
All the best,

I am eagerly awaiting the report and look forward to adding their pictures to the presentation!

Slide-Talk at Rockland Public Library this Thursday

I have been feverously preparing the PowerPoint presentation for Thursday.  In it I have placed 224 pictures and other assorted slides.  I will be giving it the first dry run on Tuesday, so this number will probably be decreasing.  I am also bringing 3 blowguns, piranha necklaces, bead and bloodwood crafts, and a pirarucu (the world’s largest freshwater fish) scale lamp shade.  I hope to see many people there!

To read more about the fish, which is facing extinction but is legally hunted as food by indigenous peoples, please click on the picture.

Volunteer Guide 2nd Draft

The second draft of the volunteer guide is now available online.  While nowhere near complete, it does have more detail in many areas and an enlarged special projects section for future volunteers to tackle.   

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