Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Presentation a SUCCESS! / A New Ecotourism center?

18 people attended the first Amazon Pueblo presentation, at the Rockland Public Library, last Thursday night!  The slideshow and discussion lasted about an hour, with informal talk and display of handcrafts (including blowguns) which followed.  The next presentation is to be at the Camden Public Library on May 7, at 6:30PM.  I hope to double my turnout for next time!

This week I have been busy presenting to the various Spanish classes at Camden Hill Regional High School, en Español.  It has been good practice for me and gives me a chance to brush up on my Spanish.  The kids asked many good questions.  Maybe someday one or two will visit the village. 

A New Ecotourism Center?
We are looking at the cost and getting the money together to possibly fund a new ecotourism center in La Libertad.  Yes, this is exciting!  We are hoping that this, once completed, will give the village an opportunity to act a base from which to lead guided activities for groups of up to 10 people.  In turn the money from the tours may be used to help fund other areas of the project.

If perfect, the center would have:
Three bedrooms each with bunk beds, for a total of 10 beds.
A large common area with table, chairs, and a vented fireplace.
A kitchen and dry storage area with a stove and small refrigerator (for the storage of food and medicine).
A bathroom with shower, sink, and toilet.
Two 300 gallon tanks for the collection of rainwater.
170 watts of solar panels to power low wattage lights, the refrigerator, cell phone and data signal amplifier, battery charger, and small laptop computers.

But we'll see what we can do.  Here are the floor plans.  Click on the link below the photo to see a larger version.


  1. Looks very ambitious but I am sure it will happen! You are back in Maine, I gather...plans for summer??? I head to Colombia next week but just for a week, short on time but it is my first trip back!

  2. I'm in Maine now. I am going back to Colombia on July 1, then to the Amazon for at least 6 weeks if all goes well. I will then either return to the US, or stay in Bogota. Good luck and have fun in Colombia!