Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The first look at our new kitchen/laundry/shower house!

Please give a big thank you to Gustavo for his work on our new combined kitchen, laundry and shower house!

Thank you to Andres Bernal for the photos.

Food-born illness and sanitation issues plague the inhabitants of La Libertad, but are especially a problem to long-term volunteers who have not adapted to the region.  In an effort to provided more hygienic condition for the project's volunteers we are building a combination kitchen/laundry/shower house.

While only the main structure has been completed to this point, we hope to eventually have the following:
  • a small two burner propane gas stove
  • food prep area
  • dish washing station
  • shelves and containers to store food
  • a laundry area
  • a shower area
All of the "grey" water used in the building will be reused to flush the toilet, which is located a short distance from the kitchen house.

Please believe me -after washing cloths in the river using a plank of wood and a small club, washing dishes in water that has been contaminated in toilet runoff, and showering outside by the corner of the guesthouse in the mud -this building will be a very welcome addition.

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