Sunday, September 29, 2013

Amazon Pueblo joins the Maine International Trade Center!

Amazon Pueblo is proud to announce our membership in the Maine International Trade Center.  This should help us to work through the difficulties of starting trade between Colombia and Maine.

On October 30, 2013, the Trade Center is leading a trade mission to Mexico and Bogota, Colombia.  With luck a representative from Amazon Pueblo will go with the mission to Colombia.  This would give us the opportunity to make valuable business contacts and learn more "of the ropes" of international trade!  A link to the mission is here,

From the MITC's Mission Information Sheet:

Opportunities for Maine
Mexico and Colombia rank among the top emerging markets for Maine exports, with Mexico positioned as one of the top 15 markets worldwide for the state and Colombia showing signs of solid growth following the advent of a new free trade agreement with the U.S.  Opportunities exist for a number of Maine industries in both markets, including: precision manufacturing to support the automotive industry; secondary and post-secondary education; medical devices and equipment; and food and beverage.

Mission Benefits
• customized one-on-one appointments: Individual appointments in both markets based on your business goals.
• in-country research: Research will be conducted by industry specialists in each market, and you’ll have the opportunity to meet via video-conference to discuss your company’s objectives before leaving Maine.
• Market briefings: Learn more about current economic and political conditions in Mexico and Colombia.
• State of Maine reception & networking events: These events provide an excellent forum to strengthen existing relationships, as well as establish new connections.
• Group tours and events: Visit private companies and research institutions and meet with Mexican and Colombian leaders to gain first-hand knowledge of the market environment.

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