Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Amazon Returns to the Rockland Public Library!

Interactive slide-talk at the Rockland Public Library
(Rockland, Maine, USA) on October 10, 2013 at 6:30 PM!
Main display case at the library

One year after being founded as a non-profit business in Maine the project is at a crossroads.  We have improved the infrastructure of the village which will allow visitors to live healthily.  The villagers understand and want to go forward with the project.  We have made positive contacts with the local government.  Where do we go from here to achieve our mission?  Business!

Just some of the products which we hope to import
To fundraise and simply give the people of the Amazon “things” is not a sustainable model for our organization.  We believe that the best way to promote sustainability in the village of La Libertad, and throughout the region, is through socially conscious business.  The underused human capital of the village, and region, is seeking the opportunity to work and trade.  The resources of the Amazon are great.  The government is encouraging and willing to assist with development.  The Amazon Pueblo project will help the village to develop agriculture (plantain, cocoa chocolate, and other crops), fishing, and eco-tourism.

Learn about the adventures, challenges, dangers, and opportunities for profits for the people of the Amazon!
Join us to experience the latest developments in this exciting project.  Would you like to become involved or even visit the Amazon?  Come to the presentation and find out how!


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