Saturday, September 21, 2013

My final days and a Packing Guide

Today's entry comes to you after a whirlwind week of visiting family, visiting friends, and reliving some favorite childhood experiences while I'm still in the States. This was the first time I'd seen these friends and this side of my family since my return so there was a LOT of talking about my trip! I think I may have convinced one or two friends to come visit La Libertad with me, but my family still seems slightly unsure of my sanity. ;)

The morning of the below entry was the morning of my last full day in the village. It's a jumble of a suggested packing list, small moments I want to remember, and a general feeling of being out of sorts and annoyed. As it turned out, I was in the early stages of a feverish illness, but I didn't realize it until that afternoon:

I'm thankful so many of the villagers are coming together to help build the water filter and rain-catching systems. Also to build the solar panels/add them on afterward. It's really inspiring to see to many people coming together on a project they believe in and also understand will help their village. I'm really glad Ben started this project and that I've been able to be a part of it. What a crazy cool adventure it's been.

Things I think people might want to bring when visiting here:
3 pair of quick dry SPF antimicrobial convertible pants
3 long sleeve SPF lightweight quick dry tops (if you are pale and prone to burning like I am, or trying to avoid mosquito bites. Otherwise short sleeves are fine)
1 swimsuit to shower in
3 sets of quick dry antimicrobial underwear
natural febreeze
baby powder
dry shampoo
fan (when the solar panel is better)
lots of hand sanitizer
baby wipes
shower sandals/sandals you can wear socks with
3 wool sock pairs – most likely merino to combat wetness and odor
sleeping bag liner (big fan of the Sea to Summit CoolMax liner I got)
quick dry full size towel
photocopies of basic lesson activities to hand out for children
memory card/camera
money (small bills)
various meds – especially malaria pills. Our first night we found a mosquito with malaria and have seen more since. Also Gustavo became sick with malaria over the summer.
Sun hat
Big fan of the REI sahara shirt. The chest pocket is perfect for my passport.
Tons of SPF and insect repellant
anti itch lotion

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