Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A new project boat

We have a new boat!  Our boat was hand-made in Peru, of wood.  It is about 21 feet long and has high sides.  While it is slightly tipsy when getting in and out, it is very stable and rides high when loaded and under power.  We modified it by placing side benches and a roof.  The roof keeps off the worst of the rain and sun.  It is painted in oil-based paint to preserve the wood.  A light-weight, rot-resistant wood was used for its construction.  We hope to get at least three years of use from the boat.

The boat will be used for volunteers, tourism, and to transport villagers when needed.  It seats six people, including the pilot, and a reasonable amount of gear.  It is powered by a 13hp motor (owned by our village supporter Gustavo).  While this is still considered a "slow" boat, when loaded lightly in can make the trip to Leticia in under 2 hours.
Our new boat at the Leticia docks
 Below is our old boat.  The worst problem it faced was severe structural rot.  It also rode low in the water, was not covered, and made with a heavier, less rot-resistant wood.

The old boat now belongs to the village kids

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