Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Christmas dinner photos!

Now that I am in Bogota I can upload some pictures.

After boiling and cooling, the chicken is shredded
On December 25 of 2014 the Amazon Pueblo project hosted a dinner for the Children of La Libertad.  The meal was a traditional Colombia favorite, arroz con pollo (chicken and rice).  We also served chicken soup and soda.  I bought the supplies in Leticia the day before, then boated them back to La Libertad with Gustavo.  Five village women helped to prepare the dinner.  We had a good turnout, with over 100 kids attending.  We had enough extra food for the parents as well.
Betty is cooking the chicken soup
The kitchen is a popular place to wait for the meal
Chicken broth soup

The main meal, arroz con pollo
A long line, but everyone waited patiently
Enjoying the meal

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