Monday, March 2, 2015

I have returned! Visit us in the guesthouse!

After a long time without a blog post I have returned once again.  Much has happened with the project, which I hope to be able to pòst in the coming two weeks.

I am currently in Bogota, so the internet connection is fast enough for use.  During this trip I am going to start the process of officially registering the project as an NGO in Colombia, get more information from the Minstery of the Interior of Colombia on how to register the village as an offical legal entity, and fix a problem with my resident Colombian visa.

I have also moved the office of the project to Leticia, where I will live and teach English while managing the project.  The English teaching will, I hope, provide for my living expenses.  But more on this in a future post.

And now, THE GUESTHOUSE!  I have registered the guesthouse with AirBnB, an internet business that helps people to rent their homes.  I have used their service very sucessfully in Maine, USA, and I hope to also have good luck with it in the village.  When we have spare beds, tourist may rent out the bed in hostel-fashion, or the whole house when available.  Below is a link to our listing.  Check it out and come for a visit! 

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